Launceston Church Grammar School, Hub

the Launceston Church Grammar School Hub project was completed in time for the 2019 school year.

The Hub consists of a café, archive display and viewing area and extends to offer an informal space for students, staff and visitors to enjoy a vibrant and light-filled cafe and dining experience.

The cafe includes an exhibition space to showcase the work of current art students and staff.  The expanded Cafe will add vibrancy to the heart of the School as a meeting place and function centre for past students, family and friends.

The archive area will be a permanent and dynamic facility to showcase the School’s significant historical assets. This Space will also provide an alternate place for students to gather, socialise and study throughout the school year. Open and flexible working spaces have been proven to help children collaborate and learn in group setting, yet can be adapted to suit quiet, independent learning when the situation demands.

The viewing platform will complete the vision, by linking the above dynamic areas with the School’s sports fields. The project includes the development of an open air deck and viewing verandah, giving uninterrupted views of the playing field, the wicket and picturesque surrounds.

Our interiors team focused strongly on noise control, whilst sticking with an urban industrial style. The colour palette is drawn from the surround green sport fields and a contemporary twist on Grammar Blue.

Launceston, Tasmania

ARTAS Architects

Interior Fitouts