Galvin Park Tennis Pavilion

Sport is an all-encompassing language that every community and nation understands, ARTAS’s concept design for the new Galvin Park Tennis Pavilion at Shaws Park in the Wyndham City precinct enhances the image and reputation of this municipality to deliver high quality sporting events and activities. The project involves the removal of the existing club house and replacing it with a new tennis pavilion, change rooms, storage room and roofed viewing area as well as social and meeting spaces, kitchen and kiosk and public toilets. An additional 40 car parking bays will be added to accommodate the additional spectators and recreational users with landscaping and new pathways to complete the new spaces.

Our design for the Galvin Park Tennis Pavilion is centered on the philosophy of the significant contribution sport creates in a community as a social hub and in creating a sense of ‘belonging’. Our design will contribute to the positive delivery of a community level sporting facility, creating accessible, stimulating and comfortable environments for all users’ needs, management efficiencies, supervision, security and building ambience.

Werribee, Victoria

Sports & Recreation