ARTAS Architecture

At ARTAS we are a creative and innovative architectural firm that are driven by finding solutions for our clients.

We make conscious decisions about our design, and create solutions that are intelligent, meaningful and built for purpose.

We are proud of the influence that our creativity and design has on the economic and social fabric of the communities we live and work in. 


Our Ethos

Our ethos is to create innovative solutions using that focus on design aesthetic and usability. We have a passion for creating environmentally sustainable design solutions that minimise the footprint on the natural environment.

We believe that design should enhance the livability and social outcomes of the community in which the development is undertaken.

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Project understanding

Every project we undertake starts with understanding the purpose and context of the development. This begins with developing a strong working relationship with our clients to establish their goals and aspirations and what they visualise the end project will provide for the users.

This foundation enables us to take a proactive approach to understanding the impact the development will have on the community during the development and into the future.  Our approach is to take people on the journey so the end result are developments that have a positive influence on communities.

Our team of talented architects have extensive experience in community consultation and stakeholder engagement, they have an innate ability to combine the sentiment from the consultation process with their own creativity to deliver innovative design solutions that align with the expectations of the client and the community.

A multi-disciplined Architecture and Design firm

Our extensive experience across a range of industry sectors has led us to have a portfolio that demonstrates our adaptability in creating solutions that are suited to a range of purposes.

We have completed projects in the following fields;

  • Heritage
  • Heath Care
  • Aged Care
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Community
  • Offices
  • Public Buildings
  • Commercial
  • Sporting
  • Tourism
  • Hospitality

Proven capability

Once we have developed and understanding of the brief of a new project we carefully select the staff that have the relevant experience, expertise and capabilities to develop strong working relationships and deliver sustainable and meaningful designs.

We pride ourselves on being transparent and honest throughout the process. Our clear and detailed documentation ensures clarity and understanding for the contractors that work on the build.



Partnership & Alliances

Some projects require us to team up with other architects or designers that possess a extensive understanding and experience in particular fields that compliment our skill set.

The Primary objective is to foster collaborative relationships that place a high degree of importance on stakeholder input and ownership.

This combined team of specialist enables us to deliver an exceptional outcome for our clients.