About ARTAS Architects

Our approach

ARTAS Architects are a firm that seeks innovation and creativity in the way we go about our daily business. Our client’s aspirations drive our architecture. This approach allows us to deliver intelligent, articulate and meaningful buildings that contribute to the economic and social fabric of our community.

Our staff are adaptive, change is accepted as a positive, an opportunity. For passionate problem solvers change is something that is accepted and embraced. Our extensive folio of works and over 25 years of enduring architecture demonstrates this. We value our relationships with our clients and the talents of our staff to create buildings of tomorrow, today.

What makes us innovative?

Innovation is how we approach every single project; original thinking that delivers integrated, flexible solutions.

What makes us connective?

We connect with you, listen to your story, and incorporate that story into the architecture. Complete collaboration and a promise to be open and honest in every step of the design process.

What makes us adaptive?

Our strength is in adaptive re-use, architecture that will repurpose existing infrastructure to enable it to become relevant again. Taking a building or site that has been discarded by the community, sometimes in a state of dilapidation and returning it to a new functionality and sense of place.

3D Visualisation

3D visualisation has become an essential ingredient and a powerful tool for successful design presentation. We employ in-house architectural illustrators who use cutting-edge software to deliver high-end rendering and graphics; this allows us to communicate our client’s ideas and plans using visual representations.

3D visualisation allows us to provide our clients and the project delivery team clarity around what the intended design will look like as well as the opportunity to save money by identifying the buildability of the project while it is still in the drawing stages.

ARTAS 3D Visualisation

Interior Design

Our interior designer’s work collectively with the client, end user and architect to provide a seamless flow of ideas. Balancing functionality and aesthetics through innovative solutions to space planning, material selection, joinery design and furniture specification to create refined, cohesive interiors.

ARTAS Interior Design


We believe that all architecture should be sustainable and incorporate best environmental practices. We also have systems in place to protect our staff with appropriate OH&S and management practices. This is proven by our following QMS accreditations:

QMS are Australia’s most trusted accredited third-party International Certification Body.

ISO 14001:2015 QMS Environmental Management Systems
ISO 9000:2015 QMS Quality Management Systems
AS/NZS 45001:2018 OH&S Management Systems