EXA House

EXA house involved refurbishment to a three storey heritage building on Paterson Street in 2015. The former home of the Examiner, who had occupied the building for over 160 years, was redeveloped to include a redesign of the sites main entrance, a new lift to service the three floors and the redesign of each floor to house multiple business tenants.

Due to the historic overlay the façade of the original building and the extension that was added in 1888 were conserved. The three floors of commercial space inside were divided to allow for new business tenants of differing sizes. The history of the building is referenced in the old newsprint wall paper that lines the public spaces. The car parking space was also repurposed to include a ‘pop up’ café and the buildings new main entrance.

Renewal of the city’s heritage sites for modern uses is an integral part of maximising Launceston’s development potential, ARTAS Director Scott Curran said of the site “buildings need to be able to be reused, otherwise they sit and rot, The key is finding a good use, that gives them the opportunity to be redeveloped in order to be saved.

This building is the home of ARTAS’ Launceston office.

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