Northern Support School

The Northern Support School (NSS) is the only government Special School in northern Tasmania with an enrolment of 100+ students from Kindergarten to Year 12 with ambulant and non-ambulant disabilities.

The proposed redevelopment involved the amalgamation of two campuses which required a major reworking of the existing 1950’s St George’s campus to create one school site.

Significant consultation was undertaken with the staff, school community and disability specialists with over eight months of master planning undertaken. Works include significant remodelling of learning and learning support areas to accommodate children with significant physical, visual or mental impairments. An extension to the existing gym allows for two PE classes to function independently and enables the whole school to gather together for assemblies and productions which was previously not possible.

New play areas, with dedicated junior, passive, senior and active play areas for student protection and inclusion at play times regardless of ability were created as well as a reconfiguration of vehicle circulation and bus turning and improvement of general staff and admin facilities.

A new pool which forms a major part of PE lessons for all students took the place of the actively used Amy Rd pool when that Campus closed.

Launceston, Tasmania

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