CH Smith Revitalisation

ARTAS are delighted to release our scheme for the CH Smith Site in Launceston. This site has been a blight on the townscape for a long period of time and we are excited that we can finally develop this site for Launceston.

It has been a controversial and much talked about site and we have no doubt that out scheme will continue to add to the debate but we are looking forward to the challenges revitalizing this historic site will bring.

The scheme will retain all of the buildings on site; restoring them to their former grandeur and creating new car parking for the city’s busy business centre as well as new office space.

ARTAS are extremely excited to be working alongside Errol Stewart in a partnership agreement. We are confident this project like those that came before it such as The Charles, QVmag, the old Genders Building in Paterson St and most recently the Examiner Building will be a successful venture and contribute to making central Launceston the premier business hub of Northern Tasmania.

3D Render Animation by ARTAS

Launceston, Tasmania

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