Lake Illawarra Police Station

ARTAS were engaged to design and document the Lake Illawarra Police Station for tender purposes. The consultant team were then novated to the builder Richard Crookes to provide advice during construction, attend meetings, undertake inspections and to co-ordinate and document requested changes by the LAC.

The site was a green field’s site with flooding issues which needed to be addressed as part of the design process. The building was completed and handed over to the client in stages. The building includes the LAC, emergency services, a radio room for the 24hr emergency services, radio technician service bays, charge area, traffic police and general duties areas. There is conference and training rooms which allow for the building to be converted to an emergency response centre if required. A radio tower and holding yard were added to the project at a later stage. The Holding Yard Development has been put on hold.

Lake Illawarra, NSW

Correctional Facilities