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ARTAS in the news: Launceston Seaport Marina Upgrade

By 16th February 2021News

ARTAS in the News: Launceston Seaport Marina Upgrade

ARTAS are delighted to be working with developer Errol Stewart to deliver his proposed vision for the Launceston Seaport Marina upgrade using the skills of our our inhouse 3D Illustrators.

‘For years, boats at the Seaport marina have been impacted by the silt and the mud in the Tamar River…Mr Stewart has developed a $4m proposal for the future of the Seaport Marina.’

“We need approval no just from the regulators, but the people who own houses at the Seaport, It’s important that the people of Launceston like the proposal as well – it’s theirs at the end of the day, not mine”  Mr Stewart told the Launceston Examiner.

In recent years, 3D visualisation has become an essential technological advancement, and has formed an important element for a successful design presentation. ARTAS’ visualisation team is based in our Launceston office and works directly with our architectural team. This allows our clients to communicate and visualise their projects intent.

The major benefit of this system is that it allows people to see the building in 3 dimensions long before it is built. One of the major obstacles in community consultation is people’s ability to read plans. This system allows people to view in real-time what will be built, what they see is what is proposed. They can comment on the information with confidence. It eliminates the uncertainty of interpretation.


The full article featuring further details on Mr Stewarts proposal was published in The Examiner on 11 February 2021.