Port Sorell Primary

The new Port Sorell Primary School provides primary education services, catering for students from Kindergarten to Grade Six.

The key concepts of the school design area:

  • A design that reinforces a sense of community through its accessibility between staff, students and parents, having a proximity to a range of activities and functions undertaken throughout the school and provide extended views through and beyond the school setting;
  • Provide a range of flexible learning spaces and settings that support different learning and teaching models, from one-on-one, small group collaboration, focus activity areas, group learning, connected outdoor space, etc;
  • Support and encourage a shared responsibility for the built and natural environment;
  • An innovative design that promotes school identity that is also reflective of the larger community – a built form that is unique, organic, logical, contextual and natural;
  • A safe environment allowing extended views and ease of casual surveillance into play spaces and activity areas – a village within the village;
  • Support and encourage a sense of creativity and playfulness.

Port Sorell, Tasmania

Dave Groves