Kia, Volkswagen showrooms moving to Invermay

By 18th February 2019 News

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He says an updated development application will be lodged with the City of Launceston council this week.
Mr Stewart said the “major car operation” is expected to cost between $5 million and $6 million.
A new DA has to be submitted because of the changes to the plans.
“Before we were only going to have a small building whereas now we’re going to have a significant sized building next to Fairbrother,” Mr Stewart said.
“The proposed use will be the same, but the DA changes because of the structure.”
Mr Stewart received the new renders for changed application on Friday.
“The [car] manufacturer is putting some pressure on me to have it done by the end of the year so that’s going to be the time frame,” he said.
“Hopefully we’ll get it going sooner rather than later. I’ve ordered 300 steel piles out of Queensland and they’re on the way.”
Changes are also being made to JMC’s Charles Street site.
“We’re demolishing that building, but the facade is heritage listed, so we cant touch that. We’re not touching any part of that for about three or four metres back,” Mr Stewart said.
“The building itself wasn’t at the right angle of the esplanade. It was an unusual angle … We’re just trying to straighten it up so that it will intersect with our existing showroom.”
The rebuilt area will become the Isuzu showroom, with an undercover entry.

“It’s not a big development, it’s really a tidy up of what is existing now.” ​


Written by Tarlia Jordan – Published in the Examiner 17 February 2019

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