In recent years 3D visualisation has become an essential ingredient for successful design presentation. ARTAS Architects employs their own Architectural Illustrators and this allows ARTAS Architects to communicate their ideas and plans using visual representations to its clients.

Architectural Illustration is a powerful tool that helps our Clients to imagine or visualise. It clearly articulates in graphic form what the completed design will look like, it allows the viewer to see an accurate image of what is proposed. These illustrations come in many forms including traditional elevations or plans, perspective drawings, animation, photomontage and artistic representations of interiors.

ARTAS Architects can provide a wide range of services, the most common include:

  • 2D Plans & Elevations;
  • Interior perspectives;
  • Exterior perspectives;
  • Animation (Fly through).

Each of our illustrators work within our studio and work closely with our Architects and interior designers to present engaging digital media that will help you to visualise the buildings, landscapes, interiors and exteriors as though they were already built.

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 ARTAS-ProjectImage-Tomroom-11Launceston Church Grammar School – Community Hub

 ARTAS-ProjectImage-NSCC-01Northern Suburbs Community Centre

 ARTAS-ProjectImage-SiloAUG16-03The Silo Hotel